Indian Media Council.

The Indian Media Council has strong focus on the Media Integration, Security for Media Personnel, Human Trafficking, Child Labour, Public Safety and Social Security especially of the underprivileged citizens. The Indian Media Council — IMC shall also carry out its Mission with the International / National and State Human Rights Commissions.

About Indian Media Council

The three main areas through which the media can make a significant impact on development.

1. Empowerment: The role is to build the empowerment of citizens.

2. Social awareness & action: The potential mass media is effectively employed to enhance social awareness which is unquestionable.

3. Good Governance: Governance is recognized as central to poverty eradication and free media is a necessary condition for good governance.

Who We Are

We are India’s premier media association focusing on a two-pronged objective of honouring and protecting the ideals of the fourth pillar of Democracy, the Media.

Our second objective is serving and uplifting the underprivileged sections of society and honouring those who are committed and excel in both these areas.

India Media Council focuses on protecting media personnel in their line-of-duty and ensuring they uphold the ethos and ethics of journalism.

The council believes in bringing the core social issues to the public eye and ensuring that such issues are kept alive and get due attention.

Indian Media Council not only restores the ides of society but also does on-ground activation and puts these ideas into action.

What We Do

The Indian Media Council is the voice of the fourth estate and is committed to upholding the rights of the media with respect to freedom of speech and expression, in accordance with Article 19 (1) of the Constitution of India. It is dedicated towards promoting critical social issues like women’s empowerment, public safety and providing social security to the vulnerable classes, in addition to preventing atrocities, oppression of the weaker sections of society, human rights repression and human trafficking, among others.

The Fourth Pillar Of Democracy

freedom of the press has always been a cherished right in all democracies.
“Growth & Development of representative democracy is so much intertwined with the growth of Press, that the press has to be recognized as an instructional limb of modern democracy”





Thousands of grass-root freelance citizen journalist & social activist, bureaus working in India 24×7 perfectly free and voluntarily, to inspire addressing democratic changes, globalization issue & public accountability, increase independent journalist trade & social activist unions, these are best and skillful people defend media /press freedom.
We believe in quality journalism improving professional and ethical standards, high standards and ethical behavior in the exercise of journalism, our continual vigilance helps in the protection of freedom of speech of the press.

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