Are there any media outlets neutral to politics?

Media is the medium through which people get to know the news around the world. Previously people used to get the correct and accurate news from the news channel but do you think it is the same now also? These questions are raised by many people. Are the news showing in the news accurate or not? But being a normal person it is not easy to know what is really happening in the industry.

Media people have the rights of freedom of speech. They have the power to rule over the government and to tell the truth against them but now most of the media outlets are in favour of the political party and it can be understood if you follow every news channel properly but there are also media outlets who do not favour politics. It is not at all easy to work in a media company. Every other day you will have to face trouble and mostly in that time when you work as neutral. Nowadays most of the political parties own the news channels and they tell them what news should be telecast to the public. Where the media are considered as the fourth pillar of our country and also have the freedom of speech. Then why can’t they use their power? Why do they have to favour politics to run their channel?

If you take a look on social media, many times they publish news that are not accurate or fact based even many times they are plagiarized. So, people considered it as fake news. Now also people consider newspapers as the most fact based and accurate source of media to get news. There are many platforms for getting news maximum online and offline only newspapers are the one.

The political parties are based on media outlets because for them they are promoted through various platforms. If there is any political rally, all the news channels will be busy in telecasting the same news repeatedly. Comparatively other news are not that much important related to political news. The news channels which are neutral are not liked by many people who think they are giving fake news. Nowadays everyone is in favour with any of the political parties so they mostly like to watch the news channel who favour the political parties. So, when they watch a news channel telling the truth of any party they say it as fake news.

Before the media had the power to rule over the government but now the government has the power to rule over the media. Most of the news channels are biased in telling the news. They either hide the news or they tell the news in such a way that the public have to believe them. But newspapers are always unbiased so now also in this digital world many people are there who like to read newspapers rather than reading it online or watching news. Nowadays the news channels are also not giving such news they only show the news which will help their channel to raise the TRP. And other times they just start the debate show taking any topic and giving it to a political angle and start shouting for them that is only news which the audience have to watch. If a person is telling the truth in the debate the person will be muted or else someone will interrupt and will not allow the person to speak. In the debate show you should have the talent to shout and make others listen to your talk if it is not true but you have to speak. Nowadays any issue comes that will turn into a political issue if there is no link with politics but for a controversy the media will give them a political angle.

Nikita Das (Internship Trainee)




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