Does UP Elections bring new faces to the India’s Leading Political Parties.

India is all set to conduct the Assembly election in Uttarpradesh.  As per the recent surveys it is the most populated state in the country. The state has the credit of largest legislature in India with two houses. There will be 403 elected members and one Anglo Indian nominee. In 2017 Mr. Yogi Adityanath chaired as the 22nd Chief Minister of the state.

The state become the core for the growth of Bharatiya Janatha Party, and played the major role in the massive victory of the Bharatiya Janatha Party in 2019 assembly elections. The five years of Yogi Government made a great hop in the development of the state including the opening of ‘Kushingar International Airport’ and played the major role to rebuild the Ayodhya. He made the great efforts to draft different schemes and projects for the developments in every sector for the development of the state.

The Government made the great progress in the infrastructure and bag great investments and opened the door for development, but fortunately or unfortunately they ignored the common people. After drafting the different schemes and projects the Government failed to ask the question: Is the benefits of these schemes reached in the right hand?

The question is simple, but the answers bear the multiple questions, now the answer for this question is just before the eyes. The LPG gas cylinders price hit at the peak and the women still wants to depend to the fire woods.

The crime rate against women, the huge difference between the literacy rate ratio of two genders and highest child mortality rate and more over that the 37.19% of the people are multidimensionally poor and they couldn’t even meet up with the basic needs of the life.

The different NGOs and the organization always face discrimination from the Government and forced to hide the stastics and shocking real life picture of the common people.  eventhough now it’s the time to unwrap the questions. During the Assembly election campaign Priyanka Gandhi broken the silence of women after publishing the candidate list. The sixteen candidates are women who proved their talents in different sectors.

The Samajwadi Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party all set to face off each other and the Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav started his campaign by attacking the Government and on the other side  BJP started the campaign by focusing on the Infrastructure Development, and the congress all set to make a tide among the common people moreover the voice of Priyanka Gandhi can make the women to fight for their family and for their right which is not uncommon for Indian women, the History proves that when it comes to for their home, family and land the women fight till they see the victory now they all set to fly in the wings of Smt. Priyanka Gandhi.

Now the whole eyes are fix to the UP all the parties set their goals and now we should wait till the campaign ends to know if the ruling party impress the electorates or the SamajParty able to show the drawbacks of the ruling party or the Congress win the hearts of the common people.

Written By: Anu Vincent

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