A sunny afternoon, when depressing news took its way from social media and numerous news channels, the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. The day seemed to be darker and we the people, who loved him with all the heart mourned with the pain of loss. We are still unaware of the fact of what led him to take this drastic step. We may not realize but there are various reasons why people tend to end their life upon. We may not deny the fact that we live and we die, everything which comes into the existence, vanishes one day.

Suicide has always been an awful word for all of us; it breaks everything for a while. Every year we see a lot of people ending their life over silly reasons that don’t generally concern. Being vocal and letting the thoughts out is a way to a happy life. Speaking out the suffering and removing all the negativity from the sanity makes a person uniform and fine. Nowadays, a lot of people priority on mental health and its consequences. Mental health, in general, refers to the wellbeing of the physical, mental as well as social state of a person.

Moreover, taking reference to the suicide case of SSR, we may feel that the life of celebrities seems to be more generous and sleeker but the truth portrays something else. Everyone needs mortal assistance at some point in life where one can shout out all the troubles attributed to their life. Suicide is not an option, living all those difficulties is an act of bravery. Amid the walls of the pandemic, reach out to all those people who are struggling with suicidal thoughts day and night. Hope is the only medicine to prevent suicide and kindness is the only language through which hope can be delivered.

With Regards

Ayushi Bose

Internship Trainee-Indian Media Council



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