As everything is changed due to pandemic in the world, business associates are also trying to convert themselves into a digital world. They are learning to adapt to this new environment and new way of business.  Facebook used to be only social media where people interacted with each other but now this platform is giving various opportunities to learn and earn. Facebook is helping entrepreneurs  to set up their business and also helping them with guidelines. This pandemic brought digitization in business too so when everything was moving ahead why Facebook would stop it also started growing and changing with time,  now Facebook has introduced many things at one place and it is guiding brands too so that they can set up their business on digital platforms and can fulfill the needs to customers.

The shutdown in the country and everywhere around the world that was because of Covid-19, it has widely impacted business all over the world.  Many people had to keep their work going from home, some  businesses somehow managed their work some businesses were totally inae to operate. Many organizations which were dependent on advertisement are still measuring their impacts.

This effort of Facebook was helpful for customers as well as marketers. From Covid-19 guidelines to anything related to marketing  there are a lot of new opportunities coming up for brand growth on Facebook.  Facebook has itself grown it’s business it bought the leading social media platform Instagram and What’s app which is used by people around every corner of the world.

Facebook specially announced shops for Facebook and Instagram to make marketers adapt to digital business.  It provided guidelines and helped to make business easier for new businesses settling on digital platforms. Facebook is present among the people from years they continuously tried to get into digital marketing through their platforms but it was not successful earlier. Now due to this pandemic going around in the world Facebook  has finally  entered eCommerce and it is trying to establish it’s business.  Facebook has launched shops on its Facebook and Instagram apps. These shops make it easy for businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram.

Creating a Facebook shop is free and very easy.  Business people can choose the products they want to present before the customer.  Customers can easily choose products and buy from there. This is giving a new chance to any seller big or small to have their business on this platform, they can connect with customers whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.

Along with shops Facebook also launched new support tools for social media business  on both Facebook and Instagram.  Facebook has brought new stickers for business. This is a hugely beneficial tool for showcasing brands.  If you run a small business and you want to grow digitally this social media marketing is a good thing and as all businesses were shut down due to pandemic but it needed to be started soon as this is the source of money which helps millions of people to earn their living. This cannot be completely shut so business persons and different organizations took out different ways to run businesses so that they can provide services,  shutting everything because pandemic is not going to help as it will only increase problems for everyone around the world.

Not only Facebook and Instagram all other platforms and search engines along with google are giving opportunities to generate business on their platforms.  In the past 6 months  the world has seen a different level of digitization and it will go further like this. This is appreciating as this step of Facebook is trying to create a balance in the economic condition in the world which was widened due to this pandemic,  this will surely help the to bring the situation back to normal. Now people are interacting, evolving,  changing their way of handling things,  they are leaving their old ideas behind and adapting new one.  Most importantly there is no barrier to starting any type of business to any person. Anyone having a little information about social media platforms can learn and earn their living with few easy steps.

written By :

Ms.Aadya Rani

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