International Mountain Day is celebrated on 11 December every year globally to raise awareness about the importance of mountains in our lives and to our planet. This day also focuses on the opportunities and on the development of mountains. It also educate people in understanding the role of mountains in the environment and its impact on life.

The formation of International Mountain Day history dates back in 1992 when Agenda 21 “Managing Fragile Ecosystems: Sustainable Mountain Development” of Chapter 13 was adopted at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. The UN General Assembly declared in 2002 the UN International Year of Mountains and designated 11 December as International Mountain Day from 2003 onwards. Therefore, we can say that the first time International Mountain Day was celebrated on 11 December 2003.

It can celebrated by organising various seminars, events, awareness programmes and activities. Mountain diversity is the theme of International Mountain Day 2020.

Written By: Ditipriya Das

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