Is Suicide A Solution For Every Problem..?

It’s very shocking to see that approximately 1.3lakhs people r taking their life around 17 per cent of total population globally. Every 3seconds many are taking their lives. And it’s more shocking to see that the age group is between 15-35. In our country suicide among the youth are highest. And every 1hour one student attempt suicide.

Every problem has its own solution. Everyone who is going through a hard phase has to handle the situation and has to accept the situation strongly. Every person has its own way to solve problems but the solution is not suicide when you see no way to solve the problems. There are many causes for suicide

  • Family problems
  • Study pressure
  • Money problem
  • Depression
  • Job pressure and so on

These are problems everyone is facing in this pandemic and from 2020 the death rate graph is increasing. But in many cases we see students are attempting suicide just because they cannot handle the burden of studies or not getting good marks or parents giving pressure to be first in class. Even students suicide for ragged in colleges though now governments are taking strict action against ragging.

When you feel depressed consult a Psychiatrist. When you feel negative thoughts coming in your mind, do yoga or meditation to keep yourself and your mind calm. When you feel alone or lonely, talk to someone to whom you are close either your family, friends or relatives to keep yourself busy. Even when you are facing a problem and not able to share with anyone , go for counseling or consult a counselor.

It’s not easy to take our own life but everyone around you will think you a coward neither will they understand your problem nor will they understand what phase you were going through. But the people who are close to you have to bear your loss, especially your parents whose dream is to see you fly in the open sky. So, “Suicide can never be a solution be strong enough to fight all problems because life is a beautiful journey with troubles and a precious gift given by Our Almighty”

As you see again the third wave came but people of our country now also many are not responsible for wearing masks. Again this year many will lose their jobs because the lockdown happens again. Mostly it hits the economy of our country to save the Company’s employees who have been cut down and for that many are going into depression and taking their life’s. Yeah the situation is tough for every body but suicide is not the solution. Before taking your lives just think what will happen to your dear ones who love you for them stay strong. The pandemic started 2years but it will end. All of us have to fight against it together by wearing masks, sanitizing our hands from time to time, and keeping social distance. As the cases go down again the people become irresponsible and start to break the COVID protocols.

During this time you should pray everyday for your mental peace and health. Keep doing yoga everyday so that negative thoughts will not come. Talk to your close ones and share your problem. “AFTER EVERY DARK NIGHT THE MORNING SEEMS MORE BRIGHT”.

BY : Nikita Das


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