Language Translation- An Important Medium in Communication and Literature


Translation has a great round of connotation in our day to day life which is vastly multifaceted. Translation gravels the route for worldwide interaction as well as acquiesces different nations to transcribe correlation and inter-mutual alliance when it comes to making an elevation in science, politics, literature, etc.

Although, English has become the most convenient language of communication today, the effect of knowing and communicating through local languages, when it is necessary, remains intact and strong as ever.  With the utmost development in communication technology and the advent of Internet, it has become proportionately easier to extend the reach to thousands of audience who are basically far away from the impact of effective communication and translation.

This has resulted in a huge urgency for translation in various spheres, like education, mass communication, science, technology, literature, tourism, religion, trade, business, etc. It fundamentally has depicted the importance of translation in any of the subjects of study.

With every passing year the translation industry is growing extensively. People from all around the world are dealing with each other in an endless and colossal manner, for every possible thing. This translation industry therefore has to deal in providing hordes services, such as, translating written documents, understanding and then interpreting sign and code languages correctly, translation of digital documents, software and website translation or localization, etc.

Language translation is needful to bridge the communication gap between people of two or more nations. No matter, how people from all the nation have become accustomed with the English language, but still the importance of local regional languages persist. Like- you can talk very well in English with a person from France about literature or business or politics but somewhere the communication reach to a new level if you can communicate with that person in French. Many times you will see that when several countries have a global discussion on delicate issues or business contracts, they carry translator with them. These translators translate the English words to all the mother tongues or nations’ language of all the members who are present in the summit from different countries.

Different art forms like movies, music, literatures also get globally acknowledged due to proper translation. For eg- A famous Russian film reaches to the entire world because it shows English subtitle, this is the mode of translation which is essential for communicating the thought of the film to its audience. Likewise literatures written in one language now get translated to several other languages so that it reaches to all the people of the world irrespective language, caste, community and geography.

Even world’s news belongs to the same platform. Unless they are properly translated those news looks like utter gibberish to the news agencies and obviously you would understand nothing of it.

Translation is very much important for tourism as well. When you go to visit a different county that speaks completely a different language which you do not understand a bit, you need a tour guide who understands your language and explains you everything about all the tourist spots you visit, in the language you understand and relate to.

Therefore, the importance of translation in education, mass communication, studies, are now quite evident to you. Without proper translation of a particular subject that is encoded in a different language, is not understandable in a global forum. This may cause a matter of great concern and turmoil.

As you know the main objective of mass communication is to cater information to the world about anything and everything through its different mode like TV, newspaper, radio, magazines, internet, it is their prime duty to obtain the current the news and information those are correct and then transform and translate those into languages that are comprehensive to the world.

Usefulness of translation has advanced its way across the border, to almost every country. Its need has curved its expedient to not only news fields but also to different other sections like education, tourism, literature, general communication. Improper and inadequate translations lead to a severe chaos and massacre that may cause a deal of great loss for the nation. Trained and qualified translators are now in great demand. Translation service providers hire them for translating information they get on behalf of several multinational companies and news agencies. Even the companies or new agencies or personnel’s hire efficient and experienced translators for this very purpose.

By : Tania Gosh

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