Education and employment are the two basic needs of young children and grown-ups. In our country we still need to work on our literacy rate and for them who is literate and deserving we need to generate employment so that everyone can get education and educated ones should not remain unemployed. We have so many industries and multi-national companies that are emerging so fast these days. There is a lot of opportunities coming up for the youth of the country, making educated ones employed it will directly and indirectly be the main reason for the country to develop and corruption, crime, poverty to reduce. As this employment can change the path of coming generation and guide them to lead a better life which is important. The proper working of the country depends on how the youth is taking the country and what they want their country to look like. Focusing on the main solution of development of the country, media and entertainment industry is also standing with the country and is promising to create around 3 lakhs employment per year. Let us take you to the further details of this information.

The media and entertainment industry in India currently stands where the IT sector was two decades before. It is the biggest growth of the industry that can ever have and this in turn will bring a large-scale employment opportunity to the country. The Media and Entertainment sector is set to grow by 20-25% CAGR in the next 10 years, and is expected to create 2.7 lakh to 3 lakh jobs every year, 10 years from now, similar to what the tech sector did in its fast-growing years. The Media and Entertainment industry is going to be immensely large. We have to be ready for a deluge of business opportunities and jobs in the coming years. The sector is set to grow exponentially for the next 10 years. After IT, it is Media & Entertainment that is going to create mass hiring opportunities in this country.

Over the last few years, Aptech had seen more than 80,000 media and entertainment vacancies every year and the company had been able to offer jobs only to 25,000 candidates. On the demand-supply mismatch, Currently, there is a 3X demand for jobs in this space, as a result, most graduating students get multiple job offers, and this is happening at a time when jobs are hard to find in most other sectors. The requirement for rightly skilled Media & Entertainment talent has been on a constant rise in the last 3-4 years and hence demand is outstripping the supply.

Despite the pandemic and its adverse impact on jobs, Aptech was able to place about 800 of its students in the last four months, at a median salary of ₹23,000-₹24,000 and a high salary of ₹50,000 per month. There are over 700 recruiters, including blue-chip animation studios, entertainment and graphic design firms, ad agencies, consumer firms, online tutorials and IT firms scrambling for graphic designers, web designers, 2D/3D animators, 3D modelers, VFX experts, compositors, visualizer’s and pre/post-production executives. Multiple international VFX studios are either entering the Indian market or investing in infrastructure in the country. Also, he pointed out that most of the movies are now being created in studios than in live, picturesque locations. Animators are required across industries and VFX overall is a labour -intensive sector, he said. Content consumption and creation have changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic.

A new hunger has emerged for personalized content. Family members, sitting together, are watching different programs at a time, on TV, on the laptop, on a mobile phone, or on other Internet devices. And this is happening all over the world. This report clearly says that there not a smaller number of jobs there are less number to people to be fit in that jobs. People always assumed that in these industries one always has to struggle and then only they reach to a certain level but now everything is changing and this will change too, Media and Entertainment industries which were not big enough to give jobs to their interested person will now give jobs to common people too that also in very large number, this will in return.

Written By:-Aadya Rani

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