Nepotism, as a word, has a very powerful aura that has something negative. It is a kind of favor or favoritism that is given to a person correlated with the family in various areas such as entertainment, politics, sports, classroom, business, etc.  It has always been criticized by numerous philosophers since ancient times; Aristotle, Confucius, and Valluvar.

Fundamentally, it is an act to provide favors to family members or ways to exercise to obtain outrageous benefits. If we talk about the heritage of nepotism, it first came into existence by Catholic bishops, who gave their wealth, property to their nephews. Also, the term nepotism is derived from an Italian word “nepotismo”, where nepos means nephew.

The term was brought to the spotlight by those struggling and self-talented people who told the real truth behind every public forum. This type of act of selfishness can damage the self-esteem of many talented youngsters who can lose their enthusiasm in every aspect, which can have a bad effect on a person’s mental health.

India has somehow become the center of nepotism, it has been a burning topic in Bollywood for the last several years, but we need to understand that nepotism is not just a B-town problem, it is within all of us and everyone’s profession is falling apart. The only reason for targeting Bollywood is that it is open to all.  Apart from this, it was brought into the limelight by self-produced actress Kangana Ranaut.

Despite all this negativity, the industry has seen enormous changes in new rising opportunities that automatically, gave way to the new talents. We cannot refute the fact that nepotism exists not only in Bollywood but also in Indian politics, where the son of a political leader becomes the next future leader. The world is unfair in several ways. Nepotism is just a word!

With Regards

Ms. Ayushi Bose

Internship Trainee-Indian Media Council



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