Agricultural Education is the teaching of agriculture, natural resources, and land management. Agricultural education is common at the primary, secondary (including middle and high school in the United States), tertiary (including vocational schools and universities), and adult levels.[2] Elementary agriculture is often taught in both public and private schools, and can cover such subjects as how plants and animals grow and how soil is farmed and conserved. Vocational agriculture trains people for jobs in such areas as production, marketing, and conservation.
Reasons to study Agriculture:
Interdisciplinary perspectives:
A degree programme in Agriculture offers the opportunity to approach agriculture at different levels. Thus, knowledge about the management and organisation as well as about the cultivation of plants can be gained.

Good job opportunities: Worldwide, about 40% of people work in agriculture. However, this figure is not transferable to every nation, yet there are many opportunities and good job prospects for graduates with a degree in Agriculture.
Regional & international job opportunities: With a degree in Agriculture, you have a wide range of locations in which to pursue your job. There are opportunities to gain a foothold regionally as well as internationally.

Agricultural Education is very important for our country. Agricultural Education involves more than just teaching students the basics of farming and rearing livestock. Agricultural Sciences and Technology are evolving and advancing to face a variety of challenges and problems. Hence, there is a need to provide an opportunity for people to understand that agriculture is not limited to farming alone; it’s a sustainable way of life. Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy and well-being of a society. Agriculture not only provides food and raw material but also offers employment opportunities to a considerable proportion of the population. Hence, the agricultural education system embodied with the latest advances in technologies and management strategies is important.

Arati Agrawall (Internship Trainee )

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