Role of mass media in spreading awareness:

Media is the medium of communication. Mass media plays a very vital role in our society. People get to know about everything that’s going on through the media. Previously people used to die from many unknown diseases because they were not aware of that so the doctors over there cannot give medicine that leads to death. But as the technology started getting advanced through the media people got to know everything.

If I talk about the recent situation, how mass media helped people spread awareness. In 2020 when the pandemic started people were not aware that it started from the end of 2019 from China through social sites. People were getting some news of coronavirus but it will turn out to be a pandemic nobody knew. But for the pandemic as the lockdown began people started panicking but the mass media helped people not to panic. So in every advertisement they started giving the protocols on how to keep ourselves safe. Then in newspapers also they were giving advertisements. Even in news channels  they were giving updates of all the news. In social media also they were spreading awareness about the pandemic. Everywhere people were putting posters in banks or any public place. Then in every mobile phone the caller tune was about the pandemic and how to keep ourselves safe. Till now the pandemic is not finished and now also the mass media is spreading awareness about the vaccines. Before the caller tune was about the protocols of Covid-19 but now the caller tune is about taking vaccination. Through the media people were getting all the updates. Even during the lockdown social media was the only entertainment platform for the people to keep themselves relaxed.

Not only during the pandemic but also before many companies were there they did their campaign through mass media for spreading awareness. During the pandemic time in 2020 many domestic violences cases were heard against women. So, for that Avon started a PR campaign #IsolatedNotAlone for the victims of domestic violences. At that time nobody was allowed to go out without any emergency so they started their campaign through the media. They started live sessions on instagram with great speakers such as the survival of domestic violence then activist, influencer. Even they use to do live sessions on the mental health of the victims. Doing this they got many supporters who are against domestic violence. Domestic violence against women is common but during the lockdown it was more. There are many companies like Avon who do their campaigns through mass media. Even the government spreads awareness using mass media. In the beginning of any movie they will show an advertisement on smoking which is injurious to health. Even when you will see any video if a scene of drinking or smoking is shown in the corner they show “Drinking or smoking injurious to health”.

Another major awareness which everyone should be aware of is Girl’s Menstrual(Period). We are in the 20th century but now also many are there who think that period is a taboo for girls. Now also when a girl is on her period they are not allowed to go to the kitchen, they are not allowed to touch the pickle and many more. Even though they don’t use a pad but dirty clothes which can cause infection. But after the movie Padman many people changed their thinking. After that on Instagram many celebrities took pictures with a pad and put a caption “Period is not a taboo”. This campaign is run by many NGOs through mass media and it is bringing a new change in people’s thinking. Many girls are send to different lonely place when they are in periods as the awareness will spread slowly slowly this thinking of people will change.

Nikita Das

Internship Trainee

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