THE ART AND LIFE :The wall wishes that if they have ears but don’t have tongues and murals fulfilled his dreams. The wall is a combination of colours which have history of centuries, an art were life and soul unites. The mural paintings depict mythology, history, geography and also emotional survival of the man. The traces of mural paintings can be often see in the place were the man find themselves as home from cave to forts.  As the Philosophers says the man will being in himself in home. Yes, home where the people gather together creates stories, dreams exchange their emotions and the wall surrounds them know the whole secrets of them, who will witness your emotions and happiness, who knows real you without mask its definitely the ‘wall’, the wall have ears and the paintings have tongue.

The mural paintings is unique which prominence in beauty, shares hollow of secrets and have clarity and symmetry with linear accuracy represent three sattva gunas from Vedic philosophy. The Paintings represent ourselves it cannot be copied. In this modern world houses are same as bunkers the views that we see from the window pane reflects our own identity it is as same as the paintings. It is as unique as each man. The mural paintings have special place in our home, it says about our own identity.

The art defines ourselves it is as same as corner stone; each paintings shows different perspective of our life. When we look into the Urban art the famous painting “Invader”  have a combination of green colours, according to the Indian Mural philosophy the colour green stands for purity but here the idea is contradicts, the another example is “faith in Women” the artist uses vibrant colours , shows strong womanhood and there are other mural arts which use graphics and customizing our thoughts which is different from the traditional concepts were we tend to use live deities from different mythologies and certain combination of colours i.e.; red, green and yellow.

The man walks the streets in his whole life and portrays his tears in the canvas, the cave paintings shows the struggle of our ancestors, the Murals of deities shows the inner spirituality and the hope. Now the question does the tears and ashes in the walls, the stains in the road and the blurring images of the lanes.

If the definition of Mural arts etymologically true in this scenario it can play as a metaphor. Once the speak denied only the chords can speak.

With Regards

Written By : Anu vincent

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