The grass is always greener on other’s side:

We have been promised for jal, nal and kal(water, tap, handpump)yojna but what we got is
nothing more than a showpiece. In 2019 at Durgapuja roads of Darbhanga are being
smashed to give nal, Jal and kal and so the government sets the tap in underground and
also sets handpump in all the colonies of Darbhanga In 2020 nal had been set up in all the
houses. But These all are the issue (mudda) of election and so before the elections, the
government makes propaganda to win the election. And in 2020 the government had won
the election. but some promises are not fulfilled, they have given nal, kal ‘but not water(jal)
the main source. and This shows the real face of a government that they are only giving
promises but not fulfilling them. Now, it’s almost one and a half years going to be complete.
And still, Jal (water) has not reached the colonies, only the nal and kal are being set up. But
the government had announced that 65 lakh people had benefitted from the jal nal yojna the
freshwater has been reached to one lakh fourteen thousand six hundred ninety-one wards
and 83 lakh people are taking benefit of it which is not the truth only the nal, kal is reached
and it is obvious that government had said that he given the nal,jal to each house and this is
the main goal of government to win the election but he failed in fulfilling it. And now nal and
kal are being a showpiece in all the houses of Darbhanga (Bihar). And this is how the
government is making a fool of the audiences and using their emotions, for winning
elections. not only they are spreading false rumours that they had fulfilled all the promises
but they also spread in all news that they had completed their promises by giving nal jal
yojna to every District of Bihar and 65 lakh people are taking benefit of pure water which is
not the truth every people of Darbhanga are still buying drinking water because in
Darbhanga the water conditions are high level of iron increased in the water, and people who
can not afford to buy water have helplessly drinking impure water. This is the worst situation
of Darbhanga (Bihar) where nal and kal have reached but not jal.

Isha Bhardwaj (Internship Trainee )

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