Victory never comes for free, you have to pay for it:

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has become worse day by day because both of the countries are not ready to talk. No doubt both countries are powerful, but only showing power and taking the lives of innocent civilians is not vital. The Russian- Ukrainian war began in 2014 following the Russian annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. And in February
2022, Russia invaded Ukraine across a broad front. After that, the cold war between both countries began, but no one knows that the situation turned into violence and could lead to an extended battle between both countries. In my view, Russia is a great and powerful country and a good friend of India, as it was the largest supplier of military equipment to India. And also played a significant role in its economic development and security. And India has an extensive bilateral relationship with Ukraine, both countries are good friends of India and China. As an Indian citizen, I strongly object to the war. War is not the solution to anything because one side’s victory over another country is not easy as both countries lost the lives of citizens as well as the soldiers and both the nation’s infrastructure goes damaged and restructuring the infrastructure took a long time. In battle not only does the defeated nation lose the casualty but also the victorious country loses the casualty. And just think
about the life of animals who are not engaged but lose their life. because everyone is thinking about their lives during the wartime and escaping from the war zone in leaving behind their pets, no one is guilty because during the war no one is in their right mind to make the right decisions. No one wants war, war can not lead to the powerful but break the
backbone of the country. I am not talking against any country but I am trying to convey that if any war can be delayed by talk then, please try to do it. The battle can make any county indebted and lead it to undeveloped from a developed nation.

Isha Bhardwaj (Internship Trainee)

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