Any democratic country’s proforma of working can be easily evaluate by watching the proforma of press freedom of that country. From a decade rankings given by World Press Freedom Index – India is continuously declining it’s position with 126th Rank to 138th in 2020. But we have to check with clarity that the furore of free press by world’s largest Republican Democracy
is why deteriorate day by day.
The truly acclaimed Watchdogs are leaving themselves called as Realdogs, well the idea behind becoming dogs to any supremacy is corporation of media and profit building without any ethics to be kept on the top. The propaganda between ‘Prachar and Samachar’ has completely changed to illusion. The ethics and ideas of media shifted to moneymaking.
If we call the ideology of journalism in pre- independence period and during emergency period – Voice of writing was never deffered from the motive of Nation Building while in clutches. Today the air and space is free but the clutches of iron changed to gold and the media is liking to be in (Cage is a cage whether of Iron or Gold).
Now the matter of fact is what can be the preventive measures to forecast corresponding information. We are so lucky to have our own space of voice by the medium of social media. It is a boon and bane at same time. Boon concerns with the responsibility of truth and its mobility which is ruined by fake news ultimately jumps into the matter of bane.
Let’s take pledge to stand forth towards real watchdogs who are working selflessly in any prevailing circumstances.
Incorporated with Indian Media Council.
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