When will the colleges reopen throughout the country: (The Estimation)

University education is a universal liberty of every human being. It is the transportation that allows one to examine, innovate and make an optimistic consequence on the world. However, affordability of higher education has been a challenging for many students around the world.
As half of the population is affected with severe cases, there is an increase in number of locked Colleges/Universities due to pandemic situations which needs to be checked regularly for further supervisory measures. Most of the colleges are affiliated under universities and they can’t run without the University guidelines. Answer is purely based on the current situation, it get may change also based on any further information provided by University Grant Commission i.e UGC.
I independently feel colleges would open in Feb-March, but some people think otherwise.
Many states have published the BA. timetable, BSC Time table, Bcom Exam Time table, B.ed Exam Date, Bca Date sheet, BBA Exam Routine along with Diploma timetable 2022. Some states are starting university exams earlier than others while some universities do not start until a later time as well.
Colleges closed in Indian states such as: Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana Odisha, Punjab and West Bengal have shut down Colleges because there is a lot of cases coming due to Omicron in India and they are afraid more Students might get affected by it if the Youth continue to go to the College/University.
Educational organizations in various parts of India are being shut down because of COVID-19 explosion. The several States and Union Territories have already taken their decision to shut down the College institutions in their country, so they will be reopened later. Several colleges have postponed their examinations routine for the students. However, most of them are allowed to continue with the online classes for their students without any difficulties or barriers.
•Here is a list of states and union territories which have declared the College closure:
Delhi University: The University of Delhi has declared openly that all campuses will be closed for two days because of the COVID cases on campus. According to the new guidelines, colleges and other educational institutions in Delhi will remain closed until further orders. The DDMA said this today.
UP colleges: In view of the rapid increase in the number of Covid cases, the Uttar Pradesh government has ordered the closure of colleges in the state till January 30, 2022. The decision has been taken in order to curb the spread of coronavirus, and for the safety of the students.
Punjab colleges, universities: Colleges in Punjab have been shut down till January 15, 2022, as per the latest lockdown guidelines, amid the rising cases of COVID-19, but online teaching will continue.
Chandigarh colleges: In the fresh order released by the Chandigarh administration, all educational institutes, including schools and colleges, have been asked to shift the academic learning and teaching activities to online mode for now.
Haryana Colleges, universities: All universities and colleges will remain closed in Haryana till January 26, 2022, for students as per the recent order released by Haryana Education Minister Kanwar Pal. He said, “In view of the increasing cases of Covid-19 pandemic, the government has decided to keep the schools and colleges of the state closed till January 26 for the safety of the students.
Himachal Pradesh colleges: Himachal Pradesh has closed all schools, colleges and universities, except for a few exceptions because of  COVID-19.
J&K colleges: The Jammu and Kashmir government has ordered that all colleges, schools and coaching center’s will remain closed. “All colleges, schools, polytechnics, industrial training institutes (ITIs), coaching center’s for civil services/engineering/NEET, etc, will adopt online medium of teaching.
Rajasthan Colleges: University of Rajasthan and Shekhawati University’s Colleges are Open.
•College Reopening Date 2022 Latest Today News:
Pune: colleges in Maharashtra’s Pune district will reopen from February 1.
Tamil Nadu: Colleges and universities in Tamil Nadu will reopen from February 1.
Bengaluru: colleges in Bengaluru will be reopened from January 31.
UGC have declared openly that the college education would be going to open up in the year 2022. This time has been agreed on the benchmark by the department after extensive research and discussions. College Dept. has not disclosed any further circumstances of their agendas but are anticipated to make it public soon.
Now, the question is,
Is it safe to reopen the colleges right now?
There is no conclusive answer as to whether or not College is reopening safe right now. However, based on the latest reports, it seems that most campuses are open and functioning as normal.
If you are attending a school that is not currently in session, then you should be safe and do not need to worry about any possible threats. If you are attending a school that is currently in session, then please consult with your campus safety officials to make sure that you are conscious of any differences or updates that may have arisen.
College reopening date is an important and a hot topic in India these days. It is a constant dilemma for students when college is reopening. They are waiting for their college to open but in this time, they have to think about the future as well. It is also important that students should focus on their education relatively than just focusing on colleges.
Neha Mandal
Internship Trainee
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