12-year-old Russian girl breaks down tree with violent punches: In a video that has widely resurfaced on online,
whereas 12-year-old girl named Evnika Saadvakass from Voronzeh in Russia smashed a tree into pieces
by just punching at it forcely and the clip is from 2017 .
In the video girl could be seen giving some impact full punches very violently by using various kinds of punching techniques in a very professional way at a tree in a forest. Wearing a pair of gloves the girl continuously to punches the tree . The tree Breaks down after the young girl punching at the tree.
Evnika’s father Rustram Saadvakass is also a professional boxer and all her credit goes to her father since he trained her. He also informed that he had been training Evnika and her seven siblings since they were young. (According to a 2018 report
in the Daily Mail ) “Evnika trains every day, twice a day. She is very fond of boxing. She always looks for new goals for
herself, as you probably already could see from the video where Evnika breaks the door or smashes a tree into chips,” said Rustram. “ At the beginning came the simple idea, to beat towards the tree, not touching it. This exercise is for accuracy. No one was going to break the trees. But Evnika always tried to hit the tree harder, gradually gaining excitement and increasing the power of strikes,” Rustram also added .
The video was re-shared by a Twitter page called Quarantine Traders on January 8. Netizens were simply stunned by the 12-year-old girl’s ability and also expressed their reactions through comments.
The original video was shared by the Saadvakass family on their Instagram page in 2017 that has close to 7 lakh view
As the video was circulated on Twitter , Evnika was praised by people for revealing her extraordinary boxing skills.
“Humans has huge potential and possibilities it has been proven time and again let’s have #ConsciousPlanet drive to bring right awareness amongst people,” wrote one user. Pointing out that the tree had been rotten which eventually helped
Evnika knock it down, another userwrote, “Tree is rotten, maybe by a specific wood rot fungus? Looks that way.”. Why has that innocent tree been punished? pls save trees another user commented .
Whereas Evnika received praises and condemn. Evnika has revealed her talent long ago she had risen to online fame long back with her other videos. In 2016, her father had shared one of her videos on their YouTube channel ‘Saadvakass
Family’. The video titled ‘The door and Evnika’showed her throwing punches at her bedroom door
with lightning speed violently , Evnika made a hole in the door with her strikes and that too without wearing any gloves.
Rustam has uploaded more other clips on their YouTube channel where he share Evnika’s training while also giving boxing tips to her online fans.
Which also gives more information about boxing.

Written By: Jennifer I

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