Attention! – A Small Tumor Can Welcome Breast Cancer

Your body is composed of uncountable cells which divide and reproduce more cells whenever your body is in need. But at times, some parts or a single part of your body becomes the warehouse of unusually developed cells. Due to this out of controlled division of cells form a mound of tissues which is commonly known as a tumor. But do you have an idea that how a small tumor becomes aggressive when it is adjacent to some of delicate body parts? Many times it may have happened that you ignore small tumors growing out from some areas like underarms, around your areolar space in the breasts, mons pubis area, back side of the neck, hand. These tumors always do not pain but can be dangerous afterwards.  Significantly, when it comes to breast cancer, even small tumors can be aggressive.

There are different of types of Tumors you should to know first for understanding how is actually drive it to death.  There are generally three types of tumors.

Benign Tumors- this tumors are actually non cancerous. It grows out of normal body cell. Doctors do not often do any surgery to remove it as it causes no pain or harms your organs. But very rarely, it grows uncontrollably that tends to suppress the functioning of organs it is growing on and causes pain. Then the doctors remove it permanently.

Malignant Tumors- malignant tumors are often cancerous. It eats up all the surrounding tissues. When a tissue is diagnosed as malignant, the doctors prescribe a biopsy to check on the aggressiveness of the tumors.

Metastatic Cancer- it is the condition when cancerous cells of the malignant tumors involves in profusion to other glands through a second tumor or the lymph system.

Breast cancer, these days have become a very common phenomenon among middle aged women. Breast cancer actually emanates from the tissues surrounding the breast areas known as breast tissues. It can form a metastasis or another tumor to other body parts as it spreads out, eventually.

Exactly what promotes a breast cancer or what are the factors that develop a breast cancer is not clearly been deciphered but still it owes its formation somewhat to issues like age, genetic cause, heredity , improper food habit, health conditions and of course negligence. You leave a small tumor around area breast area to grow until it becomes malignant. Though not every small lump is formed of cancerous cells but you should always have in knowledge when it comes to breast cancer, even small tumors can be aggressive.

Now the question is how you will understand that you are having a tumor or something like that or like your tumor is not a casual benign one? Though they are no statutory marks or signs that says about your state with cent percent confirmation but still you be conscious enough if get to see any of these under-mentioned symptoms-

A thick lump or a mould of tissues somewhere in your mammary gland.

A swelling or cyst in the underarms, no matter how small it is.

Some kind of soreness of your breast during the menstrual cycle.

You may see a change in the size and structural shape of your breast(s).

Sometimes transparent or bloody fluids come out from your nipple

You can observe some kind of changes like color changes of your breast and nipples. It becomes red. May be it is just due to an allergy or may be something more dangerous in brewing up.

Your breast or nipples may get inflamed or become scaly.

A striking difference in a particular area from the entire bosom.

A hard pea-like structure under the skin of your breast or under arms.

Though these are all self-observatory formulas but still you can get careful if any of these conditions come alternatively or persist for a considerably long time. Do not ignore if you get even a minute clue of any of these manifestations because when it comes to breast cancer, smallest of the small tumors can be aggressive.


By: Tania Gosh


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