Cinemas And The OTT Channels.

As India is vast population country here every one loves to watch or here news about the entertainment world either about a cinema or about a celebrity lifestyle. But people stay more curious about what movie is going to release and who are being cast.

Pre-pandemic everybody use to go the cinema hall to watch movie which everybody use to like that time also OTT Channels was their but every one use to prefer going to cinema hall and to watch movie with popcorn and cold drinks. But suddenly from 2020 as we came to know about the coronavirus and then lockdown from the lockdown has started people started preferring OTT Channels watching web series because it takes a long time to get a movie release but everyday we come to know that a new web series are coming out. So like this the OTT Channels has grabbed the attention of the public towards them. And even the cinemas was also releasing in the OTT Channels as the cinema halls were closed. Even after the unlock 50 per cent public can go to watch the cinemas but as movies was not released in the cinema halls every one was preferring the OTT Channels for watching movie as well as web series.

Even the celebrities are featured in web series more beside the movies. It’s only few movie which were released and public went to see the movies in theatre. In this one year many web series are featured such- Family man, Patal lok etc. And movie which are being featured in OTT Channels are- Coolie, Sherni etc.

TRP rate of OTT Channels are rising day by day either it is Netflix or Amazon Prime even many other platforms are also their. Youths are preferring the webseries more than movies which are released either in Theatre or OTT Channels.

By Nikita Das

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