It seems like for the countries fighting war against the novel coronavirus for them the worst time is not yet over. In England a new strain of virus is detected and has forced European countries and some beyond the continent to ban travel from the United Kingdom. In Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands the new strain of the virus has been detected. Scientists are being cautious regarding the constant mutation of the viruses and how that may affect and its behavior.

On Sunday, In Europe, countries including Austria, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France and the Netherlands announced ban. While countries such as Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have temporarily suspended flights arriving or departing from the United Kingdom. For at least a week Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended international flights and entry through its land and sea ports.

Italy, which has witnessed one of the worst phases of the Corona Pandemic, has once again spread the same panic. Actually, a patient here has seen a new form of coronavirus (Corona Strain), which again frightens Britain.

Confirming this important information, the Health Ministry of Italy has appealed people to beware of Coronavirus infection. The Health Department said that the same dangerous strain of corona has been seen in a patient of the country, which has made the people of Britain in panic. Actually, the patient suffering from a new strain had returned from the UK with his wife. His flight landed at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport. The people who have come in contact with them at the airport have been ordered to follow the corona protocol along with checking the corona. The victim couple is also in isolation. Italy has banned the presence of people present in Britain for the last 14 days.

News of relief for the world

Giving information to NBC’s Meet the Press, former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said that the new strain of Corona discovered in the U.K is not fatal.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, more than two million people were affected by the coronavirus epidemic in Italy earlier this year. During this period, 68,799 people died of corona infection, according to the data, Italy ranks fifth in terms of maximum deaths from corona in the world.

Fear from the virus.

In the UK, across southern England due to the mutation of the virus and its speedy transmission, it has led to new restriction on around 18 million people in London. The new strain of virus is spreading 70% faster than the previous variants due to which the no. of cases are increasing in London as well as the neighboring regions. Before a week across the UK the number of cases rose more than 51%.

Due to this dangerous virus which is out of control again the British government is going to impose restrictions on the affected regions. Which will include the closure of all the non-essential items. And has allowed only three families to mingle across the country over Christmas.

India’s action after getting the information.

 India has been put on alert about the new covid strain discovered in UK. On Monday the Health Ministry has called a meeting of its joint monitoring group on Covid-19 regarding the discussion of the mutant coronavirus that is spreading rapidly in the UK, Roderico H Ofrin India’s representative of The World Health Organization is also going to participate in the meeting.

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