Holi: The Festival Of Colour :The festival holi is celebrated all over the country with joy and with different colours for that the festival is called the festival of colours. The festivals we celebrate have some story behind it. Same as we celebrate holi there are stories behind it. Even there is a ritual to celebrate Holika Dahan the day before holi is celebrated. In this ritual, people pile heaps of wood in public areas to burn. It symbolises the burning of evil powers, revisiting the story of Holika and King
Hiranyakashyap. The next day is probably the most colourful day in India. People bathe and dress up nicely to
visit their friends and family. They dance throughout the day and drink a special drink called the bhaang.

The holi is celebrated and the day is also called Rang Panchami. Different places in different ways holi is celebrated
either for two days or five days depending on the religion. In Varanasi holi is celebrated in a grand way.

History behind the holi festival ; Many years back a female demon landed up in village named Dhundha or Dhoundha and was torturing the young children and was spreading diseases. People in the village tried their best to get rid of her but they
failed. After that the people cursed and abused her and from escaping from her they lit fire everywhere around her which made her leave the village. For this Holika Dahan is celebrated the day before holi.
Celebration of Holi The North people celebrate the holi in a very enthusiastic manner. The day people forget all grudges
and enmity and fill their hearts with joy and love to celebrate the festival with their dear ones. The festival holi overcomes evil and removes negativity from peoples lives. From children to adults everybody loves to enjoy the day. Children run behind each other to give colours with their water guns. In every house snacks are made, mostly the famous snacks ‘Gujiya’. This festival
makes people crazy and every person enjoys it to the fullest.

The other side of the festival:

We talked about the good side of the festival but we also have to see the negative side of the festival. On this festival all the girls and women are said to enjoy the festival and not go with friends because for some people low mentality females are not safe on this day.
Not only girls but the boys are also said to stay back home because lots of crime news are reported on this day either murder or rape or harrasement or any other things. We celebrate Holika Dahan to burn our evil mind but there are many people with low mentality who are made to do crime. The person who commits crime believes he will not be visible if they put colour on their face. Everybody has the right to enjoy but they have to maintain safety measures for themselves. People drink a
lot on this day but they also have to notice the right place and the person with whom they are drinking.
Even all the girls it's ok to go to holi parties but they also have to keep safety measures because on this day a lot of harassment and crime reports are filed and many of them don’t as they are afraid of doing that. It’s everybody right to enjoy all the festivals but taking proper safety measures is also our responsibility.

BY Nikita Das

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