Crime is everywhere. Since old times to recent days, Crime has only paced up to an extensive level. A very recent dreadful and shocking incident disturbed every one of us.

Seema Banu Syed, 37-year-old women from Mysore, Karnataka along with her two children – 11-year-old daughter, Asfira Reza and 6-year-old son, Fiazan Syed, were found death at their home in South Dublin, Ireland this Friday. Their residence was in Llywellan Court in Ballinteer boomburb of Ireland. Seema Banu’s husband Sameer Syed, who is a software engineer, was out of town during the tragic incident. The local police of Dublin believe that the trio was killed around five days before their bodies were discovered.

The family moved to Ireland from Dubai seven months ago after Sameer got a job offer. Sameer was not home when the alleged crime took place and was informed by the local police about the murder. The neighbours informed the local police when they became suspicious because of no activity and the trio was not seen for a while. The local police arrived on the report of the neighbours and forced themselves into the house where they eventually found the trio killed. The media of Irish confirmed that Seema’s body was found on one room where she was strangled and the kid’s body was found on the other room. Ligature marks around their neck was found on the body. The alleged murderer has left the tap open which resulted in flood damage. The Dandrum Garda Station has launched a murder investigation.

A 30-year-old man’s photograph was released by the Irish Police who is found to be associated with the Syed’s family and is believe to be cooperating with the investigation. During the investigation, it was found that Seema Banu was allegedly assaulted in the month May of this year whose trial is on line. The Irish Police is investigating the murder case of the Syed’s meticulously.

The family of Seema Banu requested help from the Indian Embassy in Ireland and the authorities of Irish for intromitting the death bodies. The family informed RTE, an Irish website about their conditions and also seek help from the authorities as the repatriation process would cost them Rs 15 lakhs which is unfeasible for the family to afford. The Indian embassy in Ireland also shared its condolences to the family.


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Ms.Ditipriya Das

Internship Trainee-Indian Media Council


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