Kangana Ranaut always expresses her feelings through her tweets. But due to this she also appears to be putting herself in trouble. Recently, she had a confrontation with Shiv Sena, and once again by opposing the farmer’s protest Kangana has created trouble for herself. Nowadays Kangana’s encounter with the stars of the Punjabi industry is being seen on social media.

Ever since Kangana has posted a derogatory tweet targeting the elderly woman who is doing the protest, since then, she is being attacked from all sides. Now a legal notice has been issued against Kangana by a member of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara.

Kangana’s derogatory tweet calling elderly women available in Rs.100. Has given birth to an ugly war of word on Twitter. She opposed farmer protest and called them ‘anti-national’, for disrespecting farmers and elderly women. Diljit slammed her by giving a mouthful in Punjabi.

A day after sending a legal notice to the actor, Manjinder Singh Sirsa chief of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) said Ms. Kangana Ranaut should give an “unconditional apology” within a week. However, Ms. Kangana posted a photo of another octogenarian woman and stated that she was Ms. Bano, she even suggested that she could be “hired” for Rs.100 to attend protests. This tweet was done when on Tuesday Delhi police stopped an elderly lady from joining the farmer’s protest. The aged woman Bilkis Bano became the face of the months-long protest held in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh against the anti- citizenship law.

A legal notice was sent to Ms. Ranaut by a Punjab- based lawyer, Harkam Singh. The reality about the woman is that she is not fake her name is Mahinder Kaur wife of a farmer Labh Singh Nambardar and she belongs to Bathinda. Ms. Ranaut’s attention was drawn by DSGMC to how she gathers support from her fans through the use of social media when a part of her office in Mumbai was demolished, she claimed that her fundamental rights were violated. Considering this DSGMC said that “under the constitutional rights the farmers have the right to protest peacefully she cannot claim a right to demean and insult them.

According to the legal Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee-

  • Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee is a statutory body under the Sikh Gurdwara Act 1971, whose main purpose is to maintain and conduct everyday activities of Sikh Gurdwaras. This institution represents the Sikh community living in Delhi.
  • DSGMC is keeping eye on the tweets being made by Kangana Ranaut on her Twitter account. On 29 November she tweeted that she is the same grandmother who was presented as the most powerful Indian in Time magazine. They can be hired for Rs.100. Pakistani journalists have used International PR in a very embarrassing way for India. We need our own people to speak in our interest at the Global level.
  • Kangana has used offensive language in this tweet. Not only the elderly women have been insulted, but you have also mocked the farmers who were protecting and also addressed them as misleading gangs which are wrong.
  • Kangana’s attention should also go to the fact that it is being confirmed by many media reports that the two elderly women seen in the picture are not one but different. She doesn’t have any right to tarnish the image of India’s farmers worldwide.
  • She has also been informed that through her tweet Kangana has spilled water on the hard work of farmers. Also, the insult done by her will be taken seriously.
  • She has been told to remove all the hate tweets which she has shared till now on her social media platform. Also, she has to apologize for her action. If it is not done, no efforts will be left from the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee side. Strict action will be taken under the law against her.

Now we need to see how does she react to this notice, she will stick to her point, or will she go back and apologize. It will be known in the coming time; due to this ruckus she has deleted the tweet. Right now, the Sikh community is not in the mood to forgive her.

After Thursday’s meeting with the government were, they failed to end the deadlock over the new farm laws. Tomorrow the third round of meeting with the center will be held. At least 40 farmer’s leaders are meeting at the Delhi -Haryana border for their next action.

By:- Yeshi Upadhyay




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