Covid-19 is a widespread illness or a plague ,
the disease which took many lives during the
1st and 2
nd wave where millions of millions
people died during in this pandemic situation
initially novel coronavirus disease was noticed
in a seafood market in Wuhan, City in the Hubei
Province of China In the middle of the
December now it is spread all over the world
particularly 215 countries. Coronavirus is a
severe acute respiratory syndrome. It was first
isolated from the three people with pneumonia
connected to the clusters of acute respiratory
illness cases Wuhan. In whole territories
countries around the world have reported a
total 231,471,966 confirmed cases of covid-19
from Wuhan ,China and 4,744,170 death cases .
Where as US captures 1st place and India in 2nd
place with 33,59,4,803 number of death cases
in India 4,46,000 and Recovery rate in India is
25,467. In India Maharashtra stands in 1st place
having 65.3laks Covid-19 cases.
Bangalore health minister K Sudhakar said that
the government has reserved 20% of bed in
district and taluk hospitals and community
health center of children ahead of possible
third wave of covid-19 infection. To tackle the
third wave over to 25,870 Oxygen bed and 285
pediatricians, 1205 medical offices, 1202
nurses recruited on July 6
th 7
th and also given
special training regarding providing treatment
for upcoming third wave of covid-19 Adding on
the health minister said that all the required
equipments and infrastructure have been kept
ready and few more requirements are yet to
come probably in within 15 days to 2- 3 weeks
time they will be made available at hospital .
K Sudhakar said issues pertaining to dialysis
centers in government hospitals managed by
the BR Shetty Foundation will be restored
within a month and also he have given a
explanation that “The foundation has been
running 57 dialysis centers in government
hospitals across the state on a PP models but
after but BR Shetty went bankrupt, financial
issues raised up and 15 of the functioning
centers and patience have been affected”.
In Maharashtra below 18 years newborns have
tested covid -19 positive and it is continuing the
second wave of this coronavirus pandemic with
the daily cases and due to the virus. In past 7
days 12 to 10% of covid cases reported in those
below the age of 18 years in Maharashtra. In
Maharashtra in a city Amravati district have
recorded 6,826 cases of which 408 be reported
among children below 18 year.
Dr Kamala Kishore Dhole said, “The third wave
is just a few months away and children getting
infected with the virus is even challenging for
the family members”.
Therefore, Dr Kamala Kishore Dhole said that
“This is because the children go out to play
though there is little evidence of death casualty
risk among children they can be diagnosed with
mucormycosis fungal infection after contracting
the virus “. Experts say that newborns are at
risk in the possible third Covid-19 wave.
Covid-19 testing among children. The
committee said taking nasopharyngeal and
oropharygeal cleansed, children can be quite
challenging can be very painful.
They should provide home food for the children
if they are affected by the .
They should be enough open space and play
area available for the free movement of the
They should not stay inside a single room and
should not be strained mental health is more
Safety, security and child friendly environment
is necessary.
There should be separation of male and female
so that they can be comfortably .
Children are infected to the same extent and
children get effected when they are in the
contact with the source of infection the
percentage of transmission of infection in
children in home environment in around
henceforth., Our responsibility is to safeguard
children from covid-19 vulnerable virus by
giving awareness to the kids and also to make
sure that children are not depressed when they
are infected by covid-19 virus and we should
make them stronger by soul and body so that
they can overcome the situation.


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