Media and Crime

Crime it’s an illegal act which is punishable. On the other hand, the media is a medium through which people get to know the news which is happening all around the world. So what is the exact relation between media and crime? How does the media represent crime nowadays?

If you know media plays a major role in the 20th century, previously only newspaper, television and radio were there through which people used to get news but now many platforms are there from which people get to know the news. And crime news is such news that it spreads like fire every single in every media platform you will read or see about crime news.

For some confidential reason you will see that the news of crime is kept secret by the officials. For crime news mostly the investigative journalist does the reporting. Even many times the audience gets influenced by any criminal act shown on television. If you have watched the serial Crime Petrol in Sony like that many other similar shows are there and if a person who always watches the show continuously some or the other time it will affect the person’s mind either the person will begin to doubt people in everything or the person will be influenced by the crime done. Recently news came that a person was smuggling Red Chandan Wood in the same style shown in the movie Pushpa but the person was caught by the police in a raid while he was smuggling. So there are many such incidents. Even the news channel many times exaggerates the news of any crime without knowing the whole fact. Also many times they take the crime into a political issue and with that they start debating between each other as nowadays most of the companies are owned by the political leaders.

If you remember the Hathrash Rape Case the very first day of the incident all the media channels were actively reporting of the case. The second day every news channel was showing different news. Lastly, what happened to the victim’s family did they get justice, nothing was known to anyone. The news channel shows news nowadays on the TRP rate. Even the media channel can manipulate people for this statement you can throw light on the news of the dead of the Actor Sushant Singh who died by suicide that news created a lot of controversies in very news channel for that case many actor actress were mentality harassed for that also the actress who was introduced as his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty there were no such major clue that proves for her the actor took his life but the media channels showed her in a such way that everybody believed she is the criminal and for her the actor took his life. But it was clearly mentioned by the doctors that the actor was suffering from depression even though he was addicted to unhealthy things. The news and the controversies went on for a long time but as usual there were no conclusions and the true fact of the death of the actor till now not known.

Media is the fourth pillar of our country and the most powerful thing. Previously media had that power to rule over the government and use to give the people the true and accurate news even they had the power of freedom of speech but now the time has changed and now the government rule over the media and the media nowadays don’t give the true and accurate news they are not allowed to give the news which are against the government. We are taught about freedom of speech but we cannot really implement it.

There are many hidden crimes which are not revealed for the powerful people who don’t allow the news to come on light even if they bribe the reporter or the media channel. Even the investigative reporters try to show that they lost their life many times when you have read news of the investigative or crime reporter’s death.

So media and crime can be closely related. The crime shows are very influential for people so for this reason childrens should not watch any type of crime show without knowing they can be influenced and can commit crime. One side of the media is good but the other side it is influential for people.

Nikita Das (Internship Trainee)

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