Media and Society:

Media is the medium of communication. Either print media or new media people are dependent on these platforms for getting news. Media is a most important and vital part of our society. But a major question comes to every person: is the media unbiased to society?

Everyday we get lots of news from our local to international news but how much truth is there in the article? Previously you have seen that there were no sources to get any kind of information so the people used to depend on newspapers because according to them newspapers were the most liable to read news. But as the new media came people leaving newspapers started reading news online but many of even complaints of the news are fake and not liable. Now also many people are there who till now trust newspapers for reading news.

It is common that technology has become so advanced that anybody can take advantage of that. Many times you will see that the news which is circulated are fake but people without verifying trusting each other starts to panic. Maximum fake news is circulated through Whatsapp groups and nowadays everybody is using whatsapp. So the people who do the fraud target the audience either the elder people or the teen people or those who are smart don’t believe in all this scam.

People use the media in a right way as well as wrong way but it’s our responsibility to verify the news which we are reading. Even for helping people, cyber security people are there. Many crimes are registered by people for using social media in the wrong way. Media is there for you to get information and new media and social media for getting entertained but now till all platforms give you news.

Many times you will read news some or the other day a girl who ran with a boy is murdered for the money is brought with her and she meet the boy through online. Even sometimes for fake job interviews or for any fake reasons some or the other day they call people. So, when you get such a call or message or mail verify with your elders who have a knowledge of all this. This all news is telecast in the media channel till they get TRP rate high. Media has the power to change the society and its rules but nowadays news channels are favouring the government even when they are wrong for this reason people stopped trusting media channels. But now also many people are still following the newspaper.

Media also helps people in many ways but it depends upon us how you are going to use it. Everything has its bad side and good side but you have to decide which side you will choose. Through the media people learned many things. Also in the time of Covid-19 media helped people through entertainment as well as infotainment. Media also helps campaigns to spread awareness to people.

Nikita Das (internship Trainee)

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