Media propaganda and how it influences hatred in society


Propaganda medium of communication used to influence people regarding anything. So as you know media is also a medium of communication. It also persuades or influences people which brings hatred in society and among the people. In this digital world people are dependent on media platforms either new media or social media or print media. This generation believes in the media more than each other. There are lots of platforms through which people get news. When they read the news they will not verify whether it is correct or not but instead when people buy a product online they will check the reviews before buying that product. Propaganda is mainly used to defame some product, company or an individual which brings hatred in society.

Media propaganda used by the political party leaders or any famous person before election the party leaders mostly use media platforms for their campaign which bring hatred between the people to support their political parties. As you know, many news channels support each political party and influence the audience against the other political parties but in such a way that the audience will not get to know that the anchor is propagating them. The audience who are smart will not be influenced but the other public who blindly trust the news channel will be influenced. Even the smart voters will see whether the leader has done the work he promised to do during the campaign according to how the voters will give their vote. And during the election time the people became enemies of each other without knowing that their fights will give a plus point to their party. Not only through news channels but they give advertisements in newspapers also and even they use social media.

If you remember the case that black people were targeted for their looks. What is the actual cause of the riot that people started? If you see the company Fair and Lovely from the first only it focuses on the fact that if a person puts on the cream she will become fair. Why so? And the ambassadors of the brand were the celebrities who used to promote the brand. All the people used to know that nothing will happen after putting on the cream. The skin tone will remain the same but then also people who are having dark complexions used to buy it because the advertisement used to portray that every girl should be fair. Not only this brand but many other products are  there in the market whose message was that a person should be fair, tall, slim then only the person will look beautiful. But the controversy where the black people were killed for their skin colour after that every product who were promoting fairness they removed the word fairness even the cream Fair and Lovely they replaced the word fairness with glowing skin. All this brand, products, advertisements they show in television, they give it in newspapers most of the people know that nothing will happen but they buy just because the brand ambassadors are the celebrities. People follow celebrities as their idol so most of the people buy the products. Online platforms they builded a strategy whenever you will search a thing in Flipkart similar product advertisement will pop up in your screen whenever you on your data so like every time seeing a product it will give you a second thought og buying it like this media propaganda works and if you talk about hatred in society being fair, slim, tall makes you a beautiful person this is the mindset of the society seeing the ads in television or online. People are beautiful in their own way a black person is also beautiful as a fair looking person.

The people who are smart and understand the strategy of the media don’t fall into the trap. Media indirectly influences their customers and they influence their target audience rather than influencing all the audience at one time. But now many companies are there who have started a PR campaign that every person is beautiful either a girl or a boy. This PR campaign will be successful when people will change their mindset towards the society.

Nikita Das (Internship Trainee)


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