One in the concern of General public and the other the media itself.
In the present situation digital media plays a significant role in publishing NEWS at a very short time.
The quality of virtual NEWS is loosing it’s existence. Telecast of fake NEWS or over exaggeration on small NEWS is creating negative effects towards NEWS mediums.
On this context general public are tending to loose their interest in watching NEWS. Add to this few more points make public to avoid NEWS; likewise

A. Duration of the NEWS: NEWS mediums create suspense related to NEWS due to this simple NEWS is been prolonged to hours as such public loose their patience to watch NEWS.
B. Particularly some crime or fearing NEWS create psychological stress which adversely affect on the public health.
C. At times public is not satisfied with NEWS because only issues are raised and solutions are hidden.
D. In some instances NEWS channels bribery is traveling in public which is creating negative effects or NEWS avoidance.
Relatively when we speak about media; they will have external pressure in telecasting certain issues. Truth is hidden due to threats. Not only external pressure at conditions media people are indulge in bribery.
Finally a responsible and sincere reporters or media can change the worst to best.

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