Ongoing of the pandemic situation parents find hard to educate the children by their own. Due to the personal works and economical, As we know teaching isn’t easy as some parents have communication barriers and some parents are Illiterate and it’s totally hard to overcome .The crisis of education the children in India , As well as even the students find it hard to learn their academics. The relationship between students and teachers is falling off due to the absence of visible interaction between them absence of physical activities like sports and also students miss their Social Occasions , Morality and Ethics
and also students face Psychological issues. Bangalore education minister S. Suresh Kumar announced that the primary schools will be closed and the classes of 7th To 10th will have their ending Exam will be conducted . This was announced in the press conference on 2nd week of March on Thursday to control the speed of covid-19 among , As covid-19 had become even problematic disease all over the world .
Prediction of speed of covid-19.
Accessibility of time and place .
Online classes are convenient.
Parents presence makes difference in child
Online classes are affordable.
Bunches of things learnt during the lockdown.
Drastic increase speed of covid-19. Sense of isolation students being isolated .Indian children were found to experience great psychological disorder like worry helplessness and fear. lagging personal contact. Lack of exercises. Lazyness increased among students. Lacking health care services. Teachers could not understand the students academic education’s strength and weakness.
Indian government implemented measured to control covid-19 among students . Students gather share their food with one another and travel together and often having get together parties this may lead to rapid spread of covid19. The effects of the covid-19 pandemic and related school closures on education provisions, learning and well are severe for most children Responses to survey show the most Physically and Psychological effected children with disabilities .Some children are from poor backgrounds. Some disabled children. Some abandoned children .Some children leave in the are where malnutrition is on practice etc., These requires an adequate financial , provision of quality learning resources and support out of
school where it is necessary , policy and programming response with a particular importance children .
At present situation CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends everyone12 year old get covid-19 vaccination to get protected against covid-19 due to the spread of covid-19 children from 12 year and older than are able to get there Pfizer-BioNTechCOVID-19 vaccine and also vaccination can be afforded in the local pharmacies or websites. Children are not the face of this pandemic but….. they risk being among its biggest victims. While children have thankfully been less affected from the direct health effects of covid-19 at least to date the crisis is having a profound effect on their
well being. All children, of all ages, and in all countries, are being affected in particular by the socio- impacts, economical issues, poverty ,Uneducated and, in some cases come up by more safety measures that may be more harm than good and is also predicted that the children could fall into extreme poverty as result of this crisis this year .
CONCLUSION:-This is an unpredicted crisis and it presents unpredicted risks to the rights and safety and development of the world’s children. Those risks can only be mitigated through unprecedented international solidarity for children and humanity. Therefore unity and humanity is must for the current situation . Parents must give awareness to children about safety precautions to be followed during this pandemic.
We have to work together to make progress on these things that is Information Solidarity Action We have a chance to not only defeat this pandemic , but to transform the way we nature and invest in the young generation. We here by take initiative to spread awareness among the children how prevent the spread of covid-19.


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