Today’s generation has moved one step forward in terms of learning. Due to the recent outbreak, which caused a complete shut down in the whole world schools and colleges have moved to the E-learning system, but we all know that every coin has two sides, for some individual online classes are a more appropriate and easier way to cope up while for some offline classes is the best-preferred delivery method.

PROS: With the tech-savvy generation, students have found the online mode more comfortable in terms of social interactions, various availability, etc. Online classes help students to reach more people and use multiple search engines to collect knowledge. In comparison, with the increase in technology, keen learners can explore more and their education is not only limited to the textbooks. E-Learning includes various types of external factors such as the use of animations, references, etc to understand more thoroughly.

CONS: Classroom learning has been the oldest method practiced and, in the classroom, setting we can interact more with our teachers to gain knowledge in a better way and it also enhances how we look upon the opportunities given to us. The relation between teacher and student has always been said to best and pure one can think about. Moreover, in E-Learning students cannot interact socially with their classmates which is important in opening up for future endeavors.

Both offline and online modes of teaching and learning have their pros and cons. According to the situation, we need to accustom and, use the available resources. Be a Roman in Rome!

With Regards

Ayushi Bose

Internship Trainee-Indian Media Council


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