Ragging Impact on students:

Ragging is an act of violence. It harms a person mentally and physically and also by emotionally. It is usually done by the seniors of the college’s with their juniors. It’s a cruel practice.

Many cases of ragging reports all over the year. Its mainly done in medical and engineering colleges. Before the ragging use to happen in English schools and universities but passing of time it has spread in India. Many of students attempt suicide for the mental or physical pain they get in the name of ragging. For the seniors is the guesture of welcoming the juniors. This trend in colleges coming from British era it’s for junior to teach the social hierarchy of the college’s. The seniors try to dominate the juniors and to make them to follow what they say to them. The students those who are smart and mentally strong can get over it but the students who are mentally and physically weak if they cannot get rid of it they commit suicide. There are many cases of ragging some times the college even don’t report the cases to Police just to save their college reputation simply the case get closed with all the fake statements given by the College Management. The students are harassed till the point they don’t harm themselves. If the student don’t commit suicide they become mentally disabled.

Many reality show we came across showing cases of ragging and also spreading awareness about ragging. Even many colleges start anti-ragging club or cell. The government also should bring out strict law against ragging. The parents should see when their children tells any problems regarding college many times for their irresponsible behaviour they loose their child’s live . Even the students should talk to their parents when some major issues happens in colleges or to the college faculty but some cases the college faculty also cannot do anything. But when a case is filed against ragging the accused to be punished. The college’s should appoint councellor who can empathize and understand the student problem

Recent situation as most of the college’s are closed for over a year the have declined  to a point. But the government should me more strict and should pass a law for the students who are the victims of ragging or else many parents are going to loose their children’s lives. Because the students who goes through it knows the trauma and the pain. Each and every colleges private or public should say “#STOP RAGGING”

By Nikita Das

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