Russia- Ukraine conflict:

As you know the Russia and Ukraine conflict started on 20th February and till now it is going on for many days. Russia’s president Putin was told by many countries to settle the matter in a peaceful manner but he declared it as a war.

Russia has ordered their armed forces to advance their attack on Ukraine after Ukraine said that they have driven back the fight on capital Kyiv but the people who are causing the damage are still in the city. In one of his speeches Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russia’s next target is himself and his family. He said citizens should defend their country as he himself refused to leave the country. Meanwhile from all the countries they are requesting to take care of their country’s citizens who got stuck in the conflicts specially the students. 219 Indian students landed in Delhi who were stranded in Ukraine. This is the first flight to India that took off after the conflict. The flight flew from Bucharest in Romania. The people had been evacuated under Operation Ganga.

A statement was given by Ukraine that all the countries are afraid to fight against Russia and they are left alone. Many countries have started boycotting Russia. Even many countries have stopped Russian banks and they have also stopped supplying things for getting revenue. Joe Bieden had said that the US will not be involved in the conflict going on between Russia and Ukraine.

In this situation everyone is comparing Putin with Hitler. The citizens of Russia are protesting to end the war but the Russian government took strict action against the people who were protesting. Putin had a talk with PM Modi even he said to settle down the matter after talking with Ukraine as if till now many innocent people have given their life many families got spreaded as their loved ones went to save their country. Ukraine president in a video message on Saturday said Turkish and Azerbaijani president they he is ready to talk with Putin and settle down the matter and end the war.

Nikita Das (Internship Trainee)


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