Social Media has brought the world so close. It has become a fully integrated part of our life. The impact of social media has manoeuvred into every corner of the society like politics, business, education, hospitality, innovation and so on. The digitization has led to the existence of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and various other sites. We had encapsulated it so adhesively that it is a requisite part of our life. Digitization and technological advancement has spread like a wildfire. It has become a constantly changing world. But every coin has two sides. Social media offer a global platform but its constant engagement has affected life, relationship, and productivity and society altogether. Social can be a boon to the society but it does have dismal effects too.

Social media came as a blessing to us. It has impacted led to the growth in the fields of innovation, education, development and so on. One of the major boon and gift that social media has given us is CONNECTIVITY.  People all over the world can connect with each other with very ease despairing all boundaries. We live in a world where various religions, beliefs, customs, regions, gender existed which creates the  society to be fragmented , but, social media helps in breaking those evil walls of the society and connect people in equality without any differences. It renders one to share their thoughts without any being judged.  It gave freedom of speech a new direction. It helps in the instant communication with family and friends.  Not only connectivity, it has developed the field of EDUCATION. The education system has changed drastically with the help social media. The availability of online education renders every age group of people, every section of society to acknowledge learning. It is a great platform to educate itself. Social media helps in providing AID AND ASSISTANCE to anyone in need.  With the help of social media platforms, one in need can be provided support from any corner of the world. Social media educate and update us with every NEW INFORMATION AND UPDATES of the world.  With the help of social media platforms, one is always constantly getting updated about the recent current happenings of the world. Social media also help in the GROWTH OF BUSINESS, ADVANCEMENT IN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY and also impacted MEDICAL AND LEGAL SYSTEM of the world. The way of marketing products, advertisement, sale of products have changed alot. It plays a great tool of branding. Social media is really a blessing for the society.

it is always true to say that everything has two faced implications. The more the impact of social media is piling up, along with it being the blessing to the society; it also has been a curse to us in a lot of ways. One of the major curse and growing threat to our society is CYBERBULLYING or CYBERCRIME. There is a incessant rise in the cyber crime in the past few years. It has been creating chaos in the society in a larger scale. Faking accounts, virtual threats, hacking, online harassment, invasion into the privacy, online thefts has been increasing day by day. HACKING has led into the invasion of one’s or a company’s privacy with the motive of virtual threat or scam or virtual; stealing of money or any kind. It has led to the ruin of one’s REPUTATION.  Hacking of one’s Facebook or Snapchat profile has increased considerably with the motive of blackmail or revenge. There is an intensification of FRAUDS AND SCAMS in the social media. Another major issue of the social media is ADDICTION.  People have become a slave of social media. Teenagers are the victim to it. They are constantly engaging to social media which eventually leading them to wasting their time rather than doing something productive or enhancing their skills. It easily distracts students from their scope of learning. Teenagers are lacking their physical development.  With the help of social media, teenagers are exposed to the pornographic sites at an inappropriate age which leads to harmful effects. Addiction to social media is leading to various HEALTH ISSUES like strain on eyes, fatigue, distraction, sleep deprivation, nausea, and depression. It has led to various physical and mental instability.

Social media is a life changes in this new era. It helps and blesses us with various forms of development and simplified life. But like any other thing, it has its cons too. It has destroyed the society is various harmful ways. In the surface it does bring the world together, but eventually it create social isolation. Thus, social media is a boon but is also a dismal thing to the society if not used wisely.

With Regards

Ms.Ditipriya Das

Internship Trainee-Indian Media Council






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