We stay in a technological era. With growing urbanization and modernization, we are spiking up to a new altitude of technological boom. Nowadays, it is really hard to imagine a normal day-to-day life without the involvement of any technology or innovations. Technologies have become an integral part of one’s life. It has grown at a massive pace. From agile gadgets to innovative electronic items, it has been a family to us for better. It getting hard to live a life without technologies since it has made life meticulously convenient. It saves times and makes it easier to do and also makes boring work interesting. With the advancing age, technologies are growing at an alarming rate and we are highly dependent on it.

Some of the vital technologies which have become unbelievable to love without –


The concept of shopping has changed tremendously after the launch of shopping sites in internet. People are preferring online shopping more than physical one. It saves times and hefty crowds are avoided and one also has the advantage to compare prices. Starting from daily confectionary to electronic items, every segment is available.


Entertainment industries have always been a touch on technological sides. The technological has advanced to certain point that traditional forms of entertainment have met with technology. TVs, gaming systems, radios have been replaced with Smart TVs where one can stream movies and TV shows. Certain OTT apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime are giving a great competition to traditional form of TV shows.


Education is the principle key of life. Technology has made education easier and accessible. Availability of a computer and an internet connection give innumerable access to chances to learn thousands of skills and hefty amount of knowledge. The education system in schools and colleges has also upgraded their education system and made it technologically friendly. Education has reached to a all new height with the help of technology. Certain online portals, educations sites, video tutorials have made the life of people easier to gain new aspirations. GOOGLE be the most used search engine.


Video calls have also been in great use since some time soon. It has brought families and friends staying far off closer to one another. Official and business meetings are taking place in video calls even in remote areas. It has boosted the way people interact with one another.


This is the best and most efficacious blessing of technology to us. Use of GPS or navigation is necessity for people seeking direction or to reach their destination. People has relied their life on this technology.


Along with the advancement in every sector of society, the transfer and dealing of money has also been technologically advanced. Nowadays, people use online banking for transferring, depositing or withdrawing money rather than the traditional outdated way. Use of banking apps has also increased from shopping, balance checking and so on. It is the most convenient and nippy way.

The technology has a wide range of its blessing on us. We use online sites like Facebook, Twitter and many more for sharing our personal views and memories. It helps us to get connected with our friends and families in a very efficacious and speedy way. It has also helped us in security. With the invent of advanced security devices and CCTV cameras, we are safe in a tech-way. Internet, computers, Wi-Fi, ACs, refrigerators, washing machines, laptops, mobile phones, tabs, TVs, electronic watches and so on. The list of technologies which has bound our life is long and never ending.

With its blessing, it also has a great deal of curse to us. People find it difficult to be away from phones and laptops. Problems like addiction, eye diseases, stress, mental breakdown has increased tremendously to this tech-generation. We can’t live without technology but we should need to always pay attention to the way which we utilize it.

With Regards

Ditipriya Das

Internship Trainee-Indian Media Council (IMC)


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