The first citizen of World’s Largest Democratic country addressed the Nation in their 72nd Republic day . A day before the biggest day The President appreciated the whole citizens who faught together in the toughest situation of epidemic. He appreciated the doctors, scientists, administrators and all the warfront warriors who raised against the time and turned from the common citizen to the modern “Anpanman”. The Medical team and the warriors helped the country to fight against the pandemic fearlessly and also help to lend our hands to the other countries by sharing the medicines  and other facilities. During this pandemic many covid warriors lost thir lives to make our country safe, the high population density, different cultural diversities and the geographic challenges made lots of hurdles and our warriors help us to overcome this.

he acknowleged the farmers and the soldiers, during in the toughest situation the most concern of a country is National security and food security, this year was challenging to the farmers but they never forgot to feed the country and the soldiers tied their boots to protect us in the challenging weather and He also said that we should proud for them, for their patriotism and He also remembered the sleepless s nights of the Scientists who developed vaccine on record time, also give major contributions to the different sectors and developed many innovative ideas.

He also asked the country to show their respect to them who lower the fatality rate of the virus compared to the other developed countries. The President pointed that how the country shown the brotherhood to the world. As a country which have lots of knits and knots never forgot the value of family and never leave any one alone; from the sanitary workers to health and educational institutions to the scientists and all the people hold the hand together to face the toughest situation.

He noted how the teachers adopted new technology and never fail to teach the students and also the Election Commission made the election smoothly in the toughest situation even the jiudiciary i

The country economy shaken during the pandemic but its necessary to make economy stable without risking the lives of the people. The GST and the Foreign investments helped the country for the faster recovery, morethan that country encouraged the small-scale investments, providing loans helped the new entrepreneurs to launch new projects and it accelerate the speed of the recovery.

He also reminded how seventy two years before our country adopted these words: Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, and hr mentioned how our wise leaders framed and taught these values and the older generation take the responsibility to pass these ideas to the younger generation which made us to think that ‘we hold humanity over our life’. Which made us to fight bravely  in this pandemic.

There are many leaders guided this value and faught to give us this treasure, Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Ganghadar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose made inspired our Freedom struggle. These values cherished with their sacrifice to give this value to us and it make our country beautiful.

Adapted from the Republic day speech of President Ramnath Govind

Written by Anu Vincent

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