Today I saw the movie # The Kashmiri Files, I cried after seeing the movie, this is hard to
accept but the pain of Kashmiri pandits who have gone through it is real. It’s a bitter reality.
As the movie starts we make us strong to not to cry but cried, so just imagine what feels
those who have gone through it and just put yourself in that place how painful it should be to
leave your place and be given the name Kafir, think about that mother who is suffered and
sacrifices their respect to only save their child and her husband, and leave the matter of
Kashmir and just talk about the recent scenario where some students protest against their
land “India and rise slogan that Bharat tere tukde honge, how could it be tolerated. as in the
year 1990, I was not born so I never came to know the truth and never listened to anything
about the Kashmiri pandits and their pain but when I grew up and goes to school I listened to
that “Kashmir is not the integral part of India and came to know about article 370 and 35 A
under which Article 370 of the Indian constitution[note 1] gave special status to Jammu and
Kashmir, in terms of autonomy and its ability to formulate laws for the state’s permanent
residents. In the 1954 Presidential order, among other things, the Fundamental Rights in the
Indian Constitution were made applicable to Kashmir with exceptions. it does not allow
another person of India to buy the land according to Articles 370 and 35 A placed restrictions
on the transfer of land. Local horticulture and food processing will get a big boost. And then
understand the history of it that how millions of Kashmiri pandits had forced fully snatched
their land by the terrorist group. Still doesn’t know the whole truth and the pain of the
Kashmiri pandits as no one talked about it. But the truth always comes as to how much we
want to cover the truth but truth can never be hidden like oil added to water. Whatever
happened that time is not good in any sense and justice should be given to the pandits.
Because they wait for a long time for the freedom of Kashmir their Kashmir where they are
leaving and where they were born but unfortunately they have to sacrifice their place only for
the sake of their children. This movie doesn’t give hatred against any community it only tries
to present the truth and wants to give justice to the pandits. This is India and every Indian
citizen has a right to know about its history. From school days we are learning about the Tipu
sultan but never learnt about Kashmiri pandits. In my knowledge, I think Tipu Sultan is not a
great person as he came to India for snatching, and in a simple term he is a thief who came
to rob the Indians but we Indians give so much priority to him but never talked about those
Kashmiri who has been killed mercilessly. So as Indian citizens we have a right to know
everything related to our India and our Indians and we must bring justice to those Kashmiris
who lost their lives. And I am not against any community. As a reporter, my priority is to give
people the fact and present the truth and I respect my media ethics. And I never want to
cross my limit so I am just trying to bring the truth towards the Indians. I never discriminate
against any community. I respect all religions. I am a Hindu but a true Indian. And I respect
my India. So I didn’t notice any fake story in this movie. Everything is presented in the same
manner. Like a mirror image so I request to the people who think it is a hateful movie against
some community, please understand the importance of this movie and accept the bitter truth.
And don’t do any battle.

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