The media violation of person’s freedom and rights

Media the medium of communication which help people to connect to each other and also to get the news what’s desire. The media rights for people are deteriorating over the past time. Previously media had power in their hands but nowadays that are somewhere interfering a common man freedom and rights. In our country media have the rights to freedom and speech but the right given for a common man safety it cannot be used defaming a person’s name or rights.

As the technology started getting advanced people came across new media technology. It is good that people are getting to know new things from the new technology but on the other side some people are misusing it for their own profit. Everyday in newspaper you will see lots of cyber cases mostly the age group between 14-30. In this stage of time, you will learn new things related to technology and it will automatically will relate to media.

Nowadays from small children to elder citizens most of them social media for their entertainment. Social media helps people in many ways show casing their talent by watching that many other people get to learn. Even it helps people to grow in their business and getting fame even everybody prefers social media for advertising or promoting. Every or the other day you will read or see news related to cyber news. The recent hijab case of Karnataka till now the war is going on between the religion Hindu and Muslim even the media are showing the case in the such a way that it is violating common people.

Even the people who are in different media handle they are not having the freedom to express what they feel many related cases are there where you saw that the actress Kangana Ranaut she twitted something against the government and her twitter handle was removed. One side they say that a people have the rights to speech being in a democratic country but other side when somebody says or post anything they are bribed for not doing that. Most of the people loves to post their lifestyle in social media but posting something against any powerful people can lead you into trouble.

Nikita Das (Internship Trainee )

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