The number of people using social media is growing day by day. There was a time when social media was unknown to people but now almost 70% of people are using social media. Social media is a good way to connect with people but now there are lots of crime incidents emerging in the world that happen because of using social media. This place is to interact with the people you want to connect with but there is a case when the other person doesn’t want to connect with the person as they want to. Communication or any relationship happens when two persons agree to have it, if one person is interested another is not then forcefully nobody can interfere in the life of others.

With social media too we see there are lots of cases where one of the users doesn’t be want to connect with other but the other person wants to connect with them so badly that they end up creating problems for themselves and others, cyber bullying is the same thing when you are trying to harass someone who doesn’t seem to be in your favour. The new generation in social media is very active and they are there for long hours and keep doing something on social media, but the problem with the younger generation is they are impatient and impractical which leads them into problems. The new users of social media are not mature enough to take negativity in the right way and when they are not guided well, they end up taking the wrong step which spoils their lives.

In the last few months, a large number of people started using social media and the users who were already a user of social media became more active on it. This free time gave them so much to learn and there were also people who misused this power of technology. There are people who with their dirty minds try to exploit innocent people. It has been seen that both gender of people gets influenced because of social media and invites problems for them but harassment of females has been widely seen more than that of male. One such case related to cyber-crime came in the light. Let us talk about it.

A 30-year-old man was arrested by the Cyber Crime Cell of Rachakonda police for stalking and trying to dupe women online through social media platforms. The accused, Varakala Ramesh was working as a sub-editor for a media house and is from Hayathanagar. A complaint was registered with the Cyber Crime Cell against him and he was arrested under section 354, 506, 509 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and section 66C, 66D, 67 of the IT Act. Police said that after losing his job in 2018, Ramesh started creating fake accounts on social media with female names to dupe women. He would search for profiles of vulnerable women and connect with them online.

He came in contact with the complainant in this way and both started chatting. During the course of their friendship, the accused managed to collect her personal data and started to blackmail her by threatening to send her nude pictures.  After realizing that her Facebook friend was a man, the victim blocked him immediately. The police statement further said that the accused started calling her from various phone numbers and gave her threats that he’ll upload her morphed photos on social media. Fearing this, the woman started chatting with him again. They both met after a few days and Ramesh forcibly took some photographs with her on his mobile phone. He also forcibly took her phone and logged into her social media accounts.

He later sent messages to all her friends to defame her, after which the victim lodged a complaint. Such cases have been very common in India and cyber-crime is growing day by day. To stop such cases people really need to learn the use of social media and along with that they need to have some moral values so that they can think twice before doing such shameful things which can harm someone life, because this cannot be said right in anyway, by committing these types of crimes they can spoil their life too along with another person.

Written by: Aadya Rani


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