“war consequences”.: From the old period till nowadays war isn’t great for anybody either for celebrated identities or
common individuals. As of late within the Russia Ukraine emergency the war is going on. We all
know that Ukraine is a free nation but Russia needs to do it in one but without Ukraine’s
endorsement and from 28 February 2022 Russia attacked Ukraine but Ukraine President
Volodymyr Zelenskyy came forward with Ukraine’s armed force battling with them.
But what happened when it’s finished we have seen numerous wars like WWI and WWII, India
and Pakistan wars in 1971, Kargil War in 1999 and numerous and what the consequence was a
few solider never return to their homes. A few are misplaced their homes.
Lack of healthy sustenance, Destitution, and unemployment will happen.
When somebody forcely to do that work and other rejected at that point war happens.
At whatever point who will win but individuals of Ukraine will abhor Russian individuals and
In Indian writings like Ramayan and Mahabharat the comes about of war is starts annihilation
particularly within the case of Mahabharata where a battle of one family individuals have two
sides and Kauravas passed on within the war since their were said no to Pandavas.
So within the conclusion, war is neither great nor one or the other superior choice. Once Dalai
Lama has said that ,”War is neither glamorous nor attractive. “We should stand for humanity now.

By : Drishti Bhattacharya

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