Why is mass media more of a propaganda tool for the government?

Propaganda is used to persuade an individual or group of people against products or any person. Government is a vital part of India. The relationship between government and mass media gives an impact of imformation. Government relies on the media to communicate with its citizens.

Mass media is an important medium of communication. Even the media helps in influencing the audience for a political party. Most of the media companies are owned by the government or investors or any business man. Before the media was a watchdog for society but now media people are a watchdog for the government.

Not only the media companies but the other media and even a newspaper also have different sections for political news. Mass media influence people for the government. During the election time all the media platforms are busy telecasting the campaigns, events and rallies etc. If a political leader is giving a speech they hype the program so much, dragging it that people will get convinced at a point of time that the leader is telling the truth. Even if you search anything regarding the government , the same news will pop up each and every time like it works as a propaganda tool.

The news channel most of the time they telecast the arguments between some political leaders or else the debate show where some different parties leader and the anchor they shout blaming each other where you do not get any news but nuisance. Even the media is always busy promoting the government when knowing that they are wrong.

The media should run its own rules. But nowadays the government is running the media groups. As now elections are going on the political will use all the mass media for promoting their campaigns. They will organise events and by the help of the mass media they will promote and will try to propagate the people against the other leaders. Even the media channels will also support their own political leaders and will start influencing people if they are wrong also they white wash them.

Present students who want to join the media company step back for this unbiasedness. Even the common people nowadays don’t trust the media. It became a mindset of the citizens that the news which are being telecasted are only for rising the TRP.

Nikita Das (Internship Trainees )


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