“Congress doesn’t even consider India as a nation” says PM Modi in Uttarakhand polls 2022:

PM Modi again taunts Congress leader Rahul Gandhi saying “Congress doesn’t even consider India as a nation”.  As election is going on and Modi went to Uttarakhand for his election campaign there he said this statement to Rahul Gandhi. On February 2 in Lok Sabha Gandhi commented to BJP that “India is described in the Indian Constitution as a union of states and not as a nation. One cannot rule over the people of the state in India. Different languages and cultures cannot be suppressed. But the BJP- led Union government runs India like a kingdom.”

During his campaign he pointed to this statement of Gandhi and played against him. Even on Saturday he said that the person who doesn’t consider India as a nation can destroy the state. Many more things he said against Congress he said “India is one country” that’s why the youngsters from the hilly places serve the country.

During his address he pointed out how BJP helped poor people by giving free ration and other several schemes in the Covid-19 situation even he said if Congress would rule the state then corruption would there. Also he said for giving Gandhi a lesson in the upcoming polls for abusing Gen Bipin Rawat and that will be the best reply for this. Modi was giving his speech in a village named Rudrapur he spoke about the work he did all through the years specially during the pandemic time. He said that they fight against the Covid-19 in the worst situation, developed works and helped the needy people during the health crisis in this 100 years.

It was the last day of PM Modi in Uttarakhand. The state polls are slotted on 14th February and the results will be out on March 10. Even ending his speech he said that “We did not let a single poor person go to sleep on an empty stomach during the pandemic.”


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