Media and Culture:

Culture is the root of our society. Every religion and every society has its own culture. India has different states and every state’s people have their own culture. And anybody follows their culture but how it relates to the media. As you know, the media is a means of communication. Previously people used to know only about their own culture and not about the other culture. After the newspaper and radio came people slowly slowly started knowing the other cultures but not so deeply. Then television came and people got to know little much about other cultures but as the technology started getting advanced now people know each other’s culture even nowadays in a society people together follow all their cultures with their neighbors and relatives. But previously people from a particular society used to follow their cultures.

Nowadays people are getting so busy with their work that many of them are forgetting their culture. Many such cultures are there in every society that are diminishing and most of them have already vanished. Culture has been followed from the time when all the kings used to rule the country. Many such cultures are there that people of this century don’t know or never heard. With the help of the media you can get to know about the cultures which were diminished. Through social media there are many television channels which show the programs related to our Indian cultures. There is a channel named Epic. This channel program is mostly based on the different cultures of our country. New media helps people to get to know about the cultures of our country which people used to follow. Even many people now are also there who are following their ancestors’ culture. But nowadays people are so busy with their work life that they don’t have the time to follow their culture.

Compared to other times as the time changed people also changed and for their own profit they just go against one’s culture and start trolling the people for their culture. Timing is changing, technology is getting advanced but some people now also don’t know how to respect other cultures. One side of the media helps people to know about our country’s culture but the other side for their own profit making a cultural issue a political one. Nowadays this problem is the major problem in our country that every problem turns into a political issue. Many people are harassed for following their culture and later that issue will become a religious issue. Every person has the right to follow their own culture. Nowadays the media rather than being unbiased just for TRP they telecast the news and make it a political issue. Media are there to help people when they hide but rather doing that they serve the government.

If I talk about the recent news of Karnataka, Udupi girls with hijab were not allowed to enter the colleges and pre-universities. Why so? The college authorities’ opinion is that it is against the dress code of students from so many years they were going to school like this but suddenly everybody is questioning. The girls have the right to follow their own religious culture; nobody has the right to question them. Even to provoke them, the boys wearing saffron scarves started to chatter “Jai Shree Ram”. Even the people they want to ban the hijab for the muslim girls. No people have the right to do such things and not even a student should be punished. They cannot always chatter a god’s name whenever anything happens being a Hindu they are misusing their own god’s name. Government should take strict action against it, even the media should force the government to take biased decisions now. Why is the government quiet? It became a religious riot Hindu and Muslim it can become a major problem if the government cannot take decision fast. The people who don’t know to respect their own culture can never respect other cultures. People for their profit forgetting that everyone has the right to follow their culture until and unless it is harmful. Hijab is a culture for the muslim girls if they want to take education they have to sacrifice their culture Why?

Why do people have to suffer for their culture whether they are from any culture? During the christmas time also the christan’s were targeted. Why can’t the government do anything? People were bitten just because they were praying in the church. The government should take strict action against it. The media can put pressure on the government to take action but the media is favouring them. Everybody should respect each other’s culture.

Nikita Das (Internship Trainee)

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