Is it really National? Yes, indeed. Deviled Egg Day is a National Day which is celebrated every year on 2nd November. Deviled eggs always lead the food show of every household dinner on this particular day. It’s a much admired hor d’oeuvre for parties, holidays and family reunions. The deviled egg originated in Ancient Rome. The very term ‘deviled’ referred in a food reference in 1786. It was in 19th century when this very term started to be used regularly for any flavorous and sapid condiment in cuisine. Deviled eggs basically include tangy and peppery dishes of eggs like stuffed eggs or salad eggs with lot of garnishing of various spices and other ingredients. Eggs contain all essential proteins, vitamins except vitamin C. Somya Thomas holds record of eating 65 hard boiled eggs within 6 minutes 40 seconds.

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