Social media is something that everyone uses, people of every age group can be found on social media where they interact with friends, share their posts, likes, comments and through their social media they present their opinion on something and write whatever they feel like, people give their most of the time in it. They find different people to interact through this they are aware about the current happenings around them. In India we have the largest number of social media users here people are very active on social media and also, they quickly respond to something where they need to.

 Social media has become the biggest media tool now even the government policies are now informed through social media, everything has become digital and easily accessible that why people take help of social media to reach places where they cannot be present physically. Time has changed so people are no longer dependent on television, radio or newspaper for news information they can have it all in their hand on a single click. Media industry has also grown over years and looking at the current scenario where people are cut off from everywhere and active on social media, media agencies have also started working through social media. Now every news channel, newspaper, radio has an official social media handle to interact with common people and also give them information through new ways, the way of social media.

 In the duration of very less time we have observed and witnessed the power of social media nobody knew social media can be used as a tool or weapon to keep our thoughts before everyone and nobody knew that so much of people can come in support of any cause. In the last few months, we have seen how social media has helped people in earning their living and how it gives justice to people who deserve it. Now people has understood the value of social media if the people can come together and support for someone, they can be hero and also at the same time if someone has done something wrong and it has come on social media their life can be ruined, social media is powerful enough to make the deserving win punish the guilty if found.

 People today get easily influenced with social media they see, they check and believe if something is presented before the people in an attractive manner, social media has even helped entrepreneurs and businessmen to set up their business and because of their activities they come in front of people and they start getting engagement. Now everyone in the world has come closer and interacted with each other through social media. People sitting at a certain place can get the information from any corner of the world just in seconds.  Earlier there was not so much influence of social media but now all people do is be active on social media. There were very few social media platforms in the earlier stage but now there are varieties of applications where people can connect with their friends, relatives and new friends.

 Social media is a tool which can change a lot of things overnight, now with everyone present on social media They get attention from a lot of people, their work is recognized and appreciated which gives them an opportunity to grow and learn. Even you can start earning from social media and follow your passion and connect with people you want to be in touch with. Now social media has been classified according to the need there is different social media for making friends, for meeting people, getting jobs or whatever you need to do. Social media has a lot of benefits but still there are drawbacks of this too, it acts as a guiding platform to some people but at the same time there are people who get influenced by wrong trends and spoil their future without knowing it. Using social media is very helpful but over using this can lead to unwelcomed problems. Social media should only be used by the people who knows what’s good and what’s bad for them but younger age children who is using social media should be guided by their parents, rest social media is a book for the society as it has helped a lot in digitization process which in turn has made the life of people easier.

With Regards

Ms. Aadya Rani

Internship Trainee – Indian Media Council (IMC)

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