The negative impacts of television advertisement on children’s:

Television is a medium of communication as well as a platform of entertainment. Children love to watch television but somewhere it gives them a negative impact. If you see, when the pandemic broke down the schools were closed for two years. Recently the government permitted the opening of a school for children. Everybody is fond of watching advertisements. If the elder people prefer buying things while watching advertisements it’s obvious that the children will be willing to do the same thing.

Advertisement showing on television gives a negative impact on the children which is a major problem for all the parents. The advertisements influence the children so much that they want all the things they watch, even the ads provoke the children to do unhealthy things.

Advertisements influence children to buy the things they watch on television. You have watched many such toy ads by seeing that they force their parents to buy that for them. All the it is not possible for the parents to buy the things they demand. Which gives a bad impact on the children.

Many times you will see they show tobacco and unhealthy things which shouldn’t be consumed by the children but the advertisement when they watch the ads they feel it will not be a harmful thing for them. In the ads sometimes stunt ads are shown which many times the children’s tries to do the same thing they watched in the ads.

It is also the responsibility of the parents to check what all their children are doing and make them understand that some ads are there which are not for them. Even sometimes they ask such questions which are improper. Nowadays some ads contents are actually for the children and they don’t understand that which gives a bad impact on them.

Nikita Das (Internship Trainee)

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